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Our Curriculum

The curriculum I use at the daycare follows the “Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills” by Carson-Dellosa. It’s a curriculum book that is up to date with current state standards for pre k students. I use a curriculum for Pre K at my daycare so that when the children go from daycare to pre k they can transition easily into a school environment. And since the children are using a Pre k curriculum I am able to identify and work with their personal learning styles. I do sometimes modify the curriculum to better fit the needs and abilities of the children. For example I’ll add props or spend more time on some lessons that the children are struggling to understand.


What We Offer?


At-home Daycare

(Mixed age group)

The curriculum I use matches the age range of the children in my center, the main thing I try to develop for them in the curriculum is their language and literacy skills and I do this by using curriculum resources such as props and books to help them with this. I use the Maryland Early Learning Standard for all the children but the older children (over 3 years old) curriculum is more comprehensive and more focused on literacy than the younger children. I also use the “comprehensive Curriculum of basic skills” to work with the children basic skills across all areas including gross/ fine motor skills, language, literacy, mathematics, social / emotional development, and cognitive development.


Play, Learn, and Grow Together

Daily Schedule



6:00 AM

Open of the day

8:00 AM

Breakfast and free choice of quiet activities

8:30 AM

Clean-up of morning activities, school age begin to leave for school

9:00 AM

Toileting, Diaper changes, etc.

9:30 AM

Music and movement activities

10:00 AM

Circle time, sharing special possessions, finger plays, etc

10: 30 AM

Feed infants, preschoolers have free choice activities

11:00 AM

Clean-up of free choice activities, diaper changes, toileting

12:00 PM

Feed preschoolers lunch- family style, infants should be in dining area with the rest of the children



1:30 PM

Infants wake up, diaper changes, toileting, etc.

2:00 PM

Outside play

2:30 PM

Feed infants, preschoolers have free choice activities

3:00 PM

Infants nap, preschoolers have am snack providers works on small group activities with preschoolers, ex: arts, crafts, numbers, letters, colors, etc.

3:45 PM

Toilet, diaper changes, and nap time


4:00 PM

Provider relaxes for at least 30 minutes, then does paper work, make phone calls, cleans up dishes, etc

4: 30 PM

School-age children start to return from school (take time to greet each one and listen to how their day went) 

5:00 PM

Engage in quiet activities, prepare to go home, start homework etc.

6:00 PM

Close for the day