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We Make Learning Fun and Easy

Here at our Academy, we offer an early learning educational environment to help the children grow all while having fun.



To shape the minds of our early learners by creating an environment that is compatible to your child’s needs while building the best version of them.





We believe that with the support of our staff and parents working together we can build basic life values making it easy to learn and interact.


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I started small with only 3-4 children and have since gotten up to my full capacity of 8 children. In the age group I work with 2 months – 12 years old I can still enjoy the creativity and imaginations on their minds can conjure up. I am constantly changing lessons to fit with the personalities of the children. The more personal the lessons, the better and faster the children learn and grasp concepts

What We Offer?


At-home Daycare

(Mixed age group)

The curriculum I use matches the age range of the children in my center, the main thing I try to develop for them in the curriculum is their language and literacy skills and I do this by using curriculum resources such as props and books to help them with this. I use the Maryland Early Learning Standard for all the children but the older children (over 3 years old) curriculum is more comprehensive and more focused on literacy than the younger children. I also use the “comprehensive Curriculum of basic skills” to work with the children basic skills across all areas including gross/ fine motor skills, language, literacy, mathematics, social / emotional development, and cognitive development.


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